Khamis, 13 Februari 2014

Mod Pack Akusengal WoT 0.8.11 version 1.0.11 (W8) [upadate 13/02/2014]

Lates Mod From akusengalmod_v0.8.11_1.0.11

Contains mods I play with:

  • Aslains XVM Mod v.3.2.22_811 [WN8] (Lates Update)
  • RadialMenu 2.5.1_811 (little edit from me)
  • UT Announcer Pack with sound
  • YasenKrasen Colored Massages + Session (Vanila) Littel Ajust to UTC +8 (Update)
  •  Multilined TankCarousel [Setting 2 Row Only]

Link Download :-

Check My WebsiteEvery day or week i wil update this mod stay tuned




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